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After looking for a job for a long time, you started as an operator in a company named "Paranormal Inc." You will watch live CCTV footage and report the anomlies you see.

This game is using a technology (being developed by Hakan Nehir - Riv3r)  that you can play game with real life footages.

Keyboard controls:

A: Previous camera, D: Next camera, SPACE: Toggle report window

Localized in many languages.

If you liked the game, please consider to donate so I can continue to develop, thanks.

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Hi! Will there be a full version for PC?

I am planning to release a full version for PC, after I add some more levels.

Hey! The game looks fantastic, I was wondering if you are going to port it over to Mac, and if so when could we be expecting it? Keep up the amazing work!

Hello, Thank you for the feedback. Actually there is a Mac version you can download from app store. But it is full version and paid.

HI man! This game is cool! me with my friends plaiyng every update, and checking updates everyday. and bc im in russia, i cant buy full version on app store, sorry! i wanted to know, when is the new map? love your game! waiting for the updates!!!

Thank you for the feedback. There will be a new location soon.

unique game
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Amazing game, had a lot of fun with the different anomalies and the play style. I enjoyed trying to take my time and get as accurate of a  score as possible!

Definitely gonna be getting this from the App Store today. Can’t wait to see more maps! If you need more, I have a location that would work well I think

Great game really having a blast on it. few good jump scares got me spooked lol . looking forward for more locations too. Excellent work 

Excellent job, as usual.

Really addictive game, can't wait to have new locations on PC version.

I'm sure this will be a good game. I'm gonna buy the app store one.

Thank you for the support !

Hi! I really like your game, you did an amazing job. I was wondering when that tense music plays, I send it as "Sound/Noise" but it doesn't work and I die. 

What does that sound mean? Does it mean something is in the room?


Thanks for the feedback. When you hear a tense music, it points to an anomaly such as; Human shaped, Ghost/Monster/Alien, Reflection on glass, Reflection in mirror, Shadow.

And sometimes in some anomalies, the subject walks or runs away from sight when you are not looking at your monitor for a second. Then you only hear the tense music and can't figure out. So watch the monitor carefully :)

Dev. I Can provide to you video footage from my house. Up to 28 rooms. 

You game is awesome. I would like game is updated to new houses.

Deleted 4 days ago

In the hallway, there is a jacket like shadow, but it doesn't show up for anything when trying to report it. What anomaly is it supposed to be?


are you that bad at the game i have 1300+ pts


It is "cabinet door opened/closed"

This game got me a few times! Both with jump scares and rage lol 

Thanks for playing and for your support :)

Thank you for your excellent work.

It would be interesting to put the version number of the game on the home screen, when starting.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes it is a good point. I will do that soon.

This game was pretty cool! I liked how the scenes looked switching between anomalies and really enjoyed the scares! My one concern was how many different types of reporting there were, cause at first it looks very intimidating but after playing a while, it became obvious which ones should go to what reports.
Thanks for the awesome game and I look forward to seeing more of your games in the future :) I added your game to my 3 Scary Games series and I really loved playing it!

Thanks for playing and for your support!

Is for 32bits???

Both 32 and 64 should work

game was fun but crashed every time couldn't finish the first level without the game crashing is this normal or is this a problem on my side?

Hello, I am soory to hear that. I have been trying to find that random crash bug. Please download the latest version and try. Please let me know it happens again. Thanks!

played new version zero crashes thank you sm for fixing the issue (games great btw)

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thank you so much for the experience! I really liked the game and looking forward to see more maps!
here is a video with the game

Thank so much for playing and for your support!

The game is just excellent, especially with real camera.

However, one thing I don't understand.

In the "forgotten" part, in the gym, when the door moves, I tried Ghosts, open door closed, human, moving object, nothing works.

bro for me works doors open/closed

Hello, thanks for the feedback. It is "Door opened/closed" :)

banger game fr fr but:

reflections are lame af they look like from ms paint

the tense music lasts for too long after anomaly is gone

in the forgotten level jumpscare on the last camera is also lame af

also add more different jumpscares

overall the game has so much potential and i cant wait to see if it lives up to expectations

i really like realistic imagery and anomalies i havent seen that in any other game 

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Thank you for the feedback. Good points. I will check them out.

good to see developers actually value the feedback

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So, I just started playing this tonight. Here are my honest thoughts:

  1. The game's actually pretty good! I thought it was pretty easy compared to the IOOD (I'm On Observation Duty) series and other games like it (looking at you, Alternate Watch), but it's still just as spooky. The humanoid in the hallway especially spooked me.
  2. I wish that the anomalies wouldn't disappear upon leaving a camera. I saw that an object was missing once, went back to the camera, and the object was suddenly back. Also, the drone that appears whenever certain anomalies appear should stop when said anomaly gets reported.
  3. This is just my own personal opinion, but it'd be cool if I get to see the anomalies disappear in real time. That's my favorite part of IOOD 3, anyways.
  4. The ghost in the bathroom gets me every time. It's SO cheap! 😭
  5. I hadn't gotten any other jumpscares yet, but I'm sure that staring at the cover humanoid for too long would cause an instant game over.
  6. I know that you're gonna release the full Windows version when you have 4 levels done, but I want you to have the 1 level-only one up as a demo, and update it alongside the full game.
  7. Ew, NFT collector...

Overall, I'm excited to see what this game holds in the future!


Thank you very much for the review. Since I use real footage, some things are harder to achieve. But I will improve as much as I can. I am planning to ad more levels to the demo.

where do i get the full windows version tho


When I complete 4 Levels, I will release full version for windows.

how many maps will there be '

Probably 4, at the least.

i really wanna play this, but it keeps on crashing in the room thats in your banner pic. i'll get so far in, report a few anomalies, and then for some reason it'll just close for no reason. shame, i was getting in to it to

I am very sorry to hear that :(  I keep searching the reason of this random crashes.  Does it always crash in the same place? The hallway below:

are you adding more maps?? definitely enjoying the gameplay so far and would absolutely pay for more content.

i'm loving the game i like to see a School map or high School i think that be cool i have 1049 pts in game now

keep the good work


not good game as that not how god hunting works

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I'm so shocked of this game, this is amazing!
Today i bought Paranormal Inc. on Google Play Store, this game has potential, keep working on this game,  because you are going in the right direction, don't give up this work and keep trying your best, you are doing a great job!
But i have question, where can I buy it on my computer?

I want to have this game additionally on my computer, but I can't find the full version to buy anywhere. :)

I took this screenshot today, it makes me feel like I'm in Backrooms <3

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Thank you very much for your support!

I will put full version for pc here after the development completed.

I will keep developing this game for sure :)

Thank you again and have a nice day :) 

Im so glad to see more games like this pop up . This one is a little different because it uses actual real life pictures ! It took me a little while to get the hang of it but it is a really cool . I love that this has jumpscares lol


Thank you very much for playing and support :)

Pretty fun game! The dark shadow guy was the one jump scare that really got me 

I really liked this game so much man, keep it up.

Thank you very much!

I really liked the game! The game is very well done and better, it is in Brazilian Portuguese, which makes the game even easier.

There was something that bothered me, I don't know if it was because of the translation of the game, but when the doors of the cabinets are open, they are classified as "lids", this in my opinion does not make much sense, because "lids" means objects with lid, for example: pot lids, bottle lids, etc. It left me somewhat confused, but then I got used to it ^^

Anyway, the game is very good and it is also very promising.

Gameplay PT-BR

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Thank you for the detailed feedback.

Yes it is exactly the translation issue. I used the word "Cover" so it made so much confusion in translation. I changed this "Cover opened/closed" to "Cabinet door opened/closed" which I hope makes more sense(In version 2.9). In Brazilian Portuguese it is "Porta do armário aberta/fechada"

Thank you for the support.

thank you too bro, I will definitely try to unlock the new map and play ^^

the game keeps crashiing 


I am sorry to hear that. Can you please write your system specs?

OS version,  graphics card and ram please.


hey dude i'm running the game but this game stays on the blue screen if you don't fix it i will come near you and blow your head off(joking)


my favorite part was the blanket ghost lol

Lol. Thank you very much for playing and support.

good game but there was a reflection on the glass and i reported it as that but it said i was wrong. I also selected human one because it looked to be a human. (1st level) I didn't select shadow though cause i failed before I could *in the bedroom with the pink chair* 

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Thak you for the feedback. I will check that out. Oh it is "Human Shaped" by pink chair in the child bedroom. I tested and it is working fine.

There is a bug where if you report an intruder anomaly but don't switch cameras after fixing it then you'll still be attacked. Interestingly enough, if this is the first anomaly of the night doing this will have a 100% report rate and gain points.

Besides that this looks quite promising. Best of luck with further development!

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Thank you for the feedback. Actually this is not a bug. Whether you remove an anomaly or not, if you don't switch cameras for a certain amount of time, you will be realized by the entities and you will be attacked. I mean fixing one anomaly and waiting to get 100% success, will not work :)

Thank you very much for your support!

I was able to repeat this more than once with intruder anomalies so if it occurs early enough in the night you definitely can get points this way.

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Ok . Thanks for letting me know. I will check that out. You found a very good bug, thank you :)


Thank you :)

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This game has some INFINTE potential. I dont know if this is a bug or something but in the first map in the like...Hallway yellowish with the basket when the guy appears in the top left corner of the screen i couldn't report it, and i failed it.

I reported


2-Animal shaped

3-Human shaped



AND NONE WORKED!! Please respond dev :)  

Keep this game updated because i love it.


Thanks for the feedback. It is an extra object right now. But I will change it to Ghost/Monster/Alien

Hello Again! So i was playing the game and recording it for the Youtube. But while I was playing it crashed 3 times, and gave me the unity crash handler. I was only able to play 1 game because of the 3 crashes. Please fix ASAP because I really want to record this game for Youtube. :)

This is the video. Watch in the begining on around 1: 50 AM in game time. 

Hello, ıI am sorry to hear that.

Can you send me the crash (dump file) report?

Ok i found the file. But how do I send it?

I have sent it in your Google Play store email address

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